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What others are saying ...

Thank you for bringing me Quiet Nights. I can't tell you what that CD has meant to me. I find myself singing those songs through out the day and feeling a sense of peace with the Lord and like He is saying, "Everything is going to be alright." I am ordering your other CD and want to be notified of the next ones; especially the one for depression, as my son is chronically ill and depressed. I'm hoping this CD will help us both as we learn to focus on the Lord and hear His voice.

I would also be interested in retreats and/or conferences if you participate in those anymore or know of any. Keep up the good work! It's a blessed deed and very anointed.
A Loving Mother in Corpus Christi

I have really enjoyed your two CDs - Sanctuary of Worship and Quiet Nights. I understand that you have two more coming out soon. The subject of both are just what I need in my life at this time. Is it possible for you to put me on a list and send me an email when the Casting Your Cares and Oasis of Hope CDs are available for purchase? I really, really need something like that right now. My husband was diagnosed with cancer in December and has not worked since due to his treatments. That has put both an emotional, physical and financial burden on us. Both of us listen to the Sanctuary of Worship CD daily as it is what keeps our minds on prayer - however, we need more. Please let me know when they are available.

Also, do you have any other CDs we might be able to purchase?

God Bless you for your wonderful service.
Loving Wife of a Cancer Patient

I am happy to add your name and email address to the waiting lists for each CD,
Casting Your Cares and Oasis of Hope.

Requests have been coming in through email at

I will send an official email announcement to list members once each CD is ready.
Blessings, Deb Sewell

The Quiet Nights CD's were very helpful in the days immediately following my chemotherapy treatments. The effects of the various cancer drugs made it difficult for me to relax at night or even find a comfortable sleeping position. Quiet Nights is truly remarkable. I took the headphones off toward the end and rolled over and went right to sleep. I felt so relaxed. Your voice is so soothing as you read the comforting passages from the scriptures and the music is just beautiful. Thank you for this gift.
James DeSola, Cancer Survivor-non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

We are now offering Sanctuary of Worship at all of our conferences. This series is targeted to those needing personal worship. I listen to it during the work day allows me to quiet my mind and my heart and to be open to the Lord's leading me when I make decisions, set priorities and manage my time. Sanctuary offers a beautiful blend of peaceful music and inspiring Scriptures, just the 'medicine" for the challenges of life.
Jane Hall, R.N. President Nurses Christian Fellowship

After hectic days at the office and busy evenings at home, I often had problems getting to sleep. Now I find true relaxation and fall asleep almost every night, listening to either Sanctuary of Worship or Quiet Nights.
Ron Schlimmer, D.D.S.,
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.

In the Stillness CD series is a balm for the sleepless soul. The restful music and scriptures provide a focused approach to a night of peace and is audio chamomile.
Anita Renfroe, artist and author

When customers come in the stores looking for a guided worship CD, I recommend "Sanctuary of Worship." They are delighted to discover that Deb Sewell also has another CD to help them relax and fall asleep (Quiet Nights). It is not long before they are back to purchase more of these anointed CDs for their loved ones. God is indeed blessing many people through Deb Sewell's gift of music and worship.
Deborah Begley, manager Family Christian Stores

I am a 40 year old Christian mother of two young, beautiful children. Recently, my husband of 17 years was tragically killed. As I prepared for my husband's funeral, I began listening to Sanctuary of Worship. We sat quietly listening to the beautiful music and scripture. The strength, peace and grace that I had to face that day came from God above. Deb's music was His instrument that touched my soul.
Susan Gowens

I gave my dad the Quiet Nights CD for his 87th birthday. He had been having trouble falling asleep, as well as getting back to sleep if he awoke during the night. After using the CD for a couple of weeks, he called me and said it was really helping him. He now goes to sleep with the CD playing and if he awakes, he starts it again! I am so grateful that he is getting the rest he needs. Thanks!
Cynthia Riewe RPh pharmacist

I want to thank you so much for Quiet Nights. I was one of the original participants in the study you did on sleep and the effects of this CD. It has now been many months and I can attest to its wonderful calming effect. I feel so lulled to sleep with God's loving arms around me. My family is not only sleeping better, but we have a peace during the day. Even my preteen uses it with great results! My gratitude and wish is that others will experience the true benefits of a good night's sleep...
Susan Givens


  •  Males and females were surveyed - These are direct quotes from patient surveys.

  •  Sanctuary of Worship - for those seeking a quieting, comforting experience devoted to the practice of worship and prayer, a living devotional time, structured to follow the ACTSL: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplications, Listening. Available through this Web site - order now!

  •  Quiet Nights - Carefully chosen scriptures of rest, calming music, and gentle lullabies with an 18-minute physical progressive relaxation prayer for those under a lot of stress or anxiety. It concludes with research-based music specifically created to help you relax and sleep soundly. Available through this Web site - order now!

  •  Casting Your Cares - for those facing anxiety or worry (summer 2004)

  •  Oasis of Hope - for those struggling with depression (fall 2004)
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