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In The Stillness™
Sanctuary of Worship

In the Stillness

It is designed for those:
   · having difficulty in prayer
   · facing the challenges of illness
   · handling hectic schedules
   · seeking a quiet time
with the Lord


Song Clips from Sanctuary of Worship:

1. Secret Place

2. Refiner's Fire

3. Praying the Word of Praise

4. All Creation Worships You

In the Stillness™ applies some of the basic tenets of music therapy with specific chord progressions and rhythm applications (entrainment), limited strident tones (for those with sensitive hearing due to some types of chemo-therapy), minimal volume variance in mixing, soothing lyrics, and repetitive and memorable melodies.

Sanctuary of Worship is a devotional experience wrapped in contemporary worship music. It is the bowing down of our hearts and minds in adoration, a time of reflection and confession, a time of making our requests known to God, a time of giving thanks and a time for listening.


Join me for a spiritual journey through contemporary worship music, scripture and prayer. I truly believe that music has the capacity to open the human heart and that God's Word heals a heart that is opened." - Deb Sewell


Sanctuary of Worship includes the following selections:  


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  1. Call to Worship Medley Sanctuary/Think About His Love/I Exalt Thee/All Creation Worships You/Refiner's Fire/Turn Me Around/Give Thanks
  2. Secret Place Vocal
  3. Sanctuary of Worship Interlude
  4. Think about His Love Vocal
  5. God's Words of Love
  6. I Exalt Thee Vocal
  7. Psalms of Praise
  8. All Creation Worships You Vocal
  9. Refiner's Fire
  10. Psalms of Confession
  11. Turn Me Around Vocal
  12. Praying with Confidence
  13. A Heart of Thanksgiving
  14. Always, Lord Vocal
  15. Be Still My Soul
  16. It Is Well with My Soul
  17. Agnus Dei
  18. - 25 Sanctuary of Worship Instrumental

Created by: Deb Sewell
Produced by: Steve Millikan
Arranged by: Deb Sewell & Steve Millikan

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