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In The Stillness™
Quiet Nights

Quiet Nights

It is designed for those:
   · having difficulty falling asleep, sleeping soundly or staying asleep
   · facing difficult challenges that make sleep difficult


Song Clips from Quiet Nights:

1. When The Night is Falling

2. Prayer for Sleep

3. Rest in Me

Quiet Nights is a set of two CDs designed especially for those experiencing difficulties in falling asleep. You will be called into a time of sleep through scripture, tender lullabies, beautiful orchestration and research-based music composed to encourage relaxation and restful sleep.

CD 1 weaves together carefully chosen scriptures of rest, calming music, and gentle lullabies with an 18-minute physical progressive relaxation prayer for those under a lot of stress or anxiety. It concludes with research-based music specifically created to help you relax and sleep soundly.

CD 2 contains the same effective format as CD 1, but has been designed to repeat the music for sleep, in place of the progressive relaxation prayer.


Join me for a spiritual journey through contemporary worship music, scripture and prayer. I truly believe that music has the capacity to open the human heart and that God's Word heals a heart that is opened." - Deb Sewell


Quiet Nights includes the following selections:  

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    CD 1 78:48
  1. Quiet Nights Overture 2:35

  2. When the Night is Falling 3:37

  3. Rest in Me 2:11

  4. Zephaniah Lullaby 1:28

  5. Quiet Nights Progressive Relaxation Prayer 17:32

  6. Prayer for Sleep 1:28

  7. Quiet Nights Sleep Music 49:57

    CD 2 79:52
  1. Quiet Nights Overture 2:35

  2. When the Night is Falling 3:37

  3. Rest in Me 2:11

  4. Zephaniah Lullaby 1:28

  5. Prayer for Sleep 1:28

  6. Quiet Nights Sleep Music 68:00


Created by: Deb Sewell
Produced by: Steve Millikan
Arranged by: Deb Sewell & Steve Millikan

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