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In The Stillness™
Oasis of Hope

Quiet Nights

Created for those:
   · Struggling with
discouragment or grief
· Dealing with depression


Song Clips from Oasis of Hope:

1. Sometimes There are No Words

2. I Still Believe

3. You Be The One

"Our perspective slowly changes as we see our losses, disappointments, depression and struggles through the light of God’s compassion."



“Life can sometimes be hard. The music and the words on this CD
are soothing, uplifting and comforting for any occasion, but especially for those of us going through hard times. If you have any kind of loss or disappointment, then you will find direction, hope and renewed faith here.”
Harold G. Koenig, M.D. , Professor of Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences Duke University Medical Center

Oasis of Hope includes the following selections:  

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    God invites us to be genuine and real in the midst of our loss

    … invites us to be still
    -Oasis of Hope Prelude
    -Sometimes There are No Words
    -Oasis Lament Medley
    -I Still Believe
    -Picture of Hope

    … us to come with the faith and simplicity of a child
    in worship

    -Heart of Child Medley
    -Heart of Child
    -You are Holy

    … to remember times in our past when His love
    carried us and sustained us

    -He will Carry You
    -In the Shadow of Your Wings
    -He's Been Faithful

    … surrender things we cannot understand
    -I Offer My Life

    ...holding tightly to the things we do know finding hope and
    -You be the One

    ...peace with a new song.
    -In This Moment





Created by: Deb Sewell
Produced by: Steve Millikan
Arranged by: Deb Sewell & Steve Millikan

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